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“We get up every day to make our country a safer place for all.”

Marybeth Steil – CEO

Marybeth Steil is a leader who makes decisions that are value-driven and practical. She highly values integrity and holds the highest ethical and professional standards.

Marybeth provides mission-focused, practicable, and most importantly, actionable advice for complex problems. She provides thoughtful, influential leadership to improve performance and gets results for her clients.

She brings her strong opinions and high standards to all she does and dedicates herself to learning about her clients’ industries. With that knowledge, Marybeth makes decisions easily, reaches conclusions quickly, and takes decisive action.

Like her partner John, she is a natural leader with a strong will and the driving force necessary to achieve big goals for her clients.

Marybeth Steil
Roy Kwong

Manager, Export Licensing & Compliance

“She has strong communication skills and the ability to bring together the right people together to get the job done.”


John Steil is a well respected Subject Matter Expert, Veteran & Leader with over 20 years of engineering, operations, and business experience.
His expertise includes:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Data Science & Management
  • Integration
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Governance & Policy
  • Cyber Operations
  • Information Insurance
  • Information Security
  • Technical Leadership
  • Acquisition & Evaluation
  • Software Assurance
  • Identity & Access
  • Curriculum Development
  • Government Contractor IT Requirements & Operations
  • Technical Proposal Writing
John Steil
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Eugene Ballard
170A at 781st MI BN

“John’s ability to tell the story of data and incorporate training and awareness resonates through your organization’s organic data team, making them more effective as they transition forward.”

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